Back from dogfooding



Hey y’all! I’m back from a 5-week break from blogging. Instead, I played with Soulmix a lot. Recently, I’ve been missing this blog, and so I’m back!

And the longer version.

After the 100-blog challenge, I continued blogging for quite a while..  I think it was another 30 days or so.

About 5 weeks ago, I finished re-vamping the new version of Soulmix. If you haven’t seen it, Soulmix is a place for saving, organizing, and sharing the things you like on the web. It lets you create collections (or remixes) of things you like online. You can personalize each post by adding  a custom header above the post and a custom note below the post.

At this point, I had two I had two things on my mind:

  1. I was a little tired from blogging. Blogging for ~130 days straight is tiring! Just coming up with new topics became difficult. And writing was also difficult. I definitely needed a break from it.
  2. I was eager to play with the new Soulmix. If you hadn’t noticed, I started creating a few simple Soulmix-style posts on this blog. They were fun and easy posts, and I wondered what it would be like to just use Soulmix. Perhaps it was time to spend more time dogfooding with Soulmix. Dogfooding refers to using your own product, or eating your own metaphorical dogfood. It is a good way to fully understand your own product, debug it, live it, and gain confidence in its usefulness.

With those two things on my mind, a course of action became pretty obvious: it was time to take a break from blogging, and spend some time dogfooding using Soulmix. And so began a great few weeks of dogfooding, coding, and debugging. You can check out all my posts and remixes here!

What is the outcome? A few things:

  1. I actually like Soulmix. It is the first product I’ve built which I think I could actually use for a while.
  2. Soulmix isn’t a substitute for blogging. Soulmix is more like a fancy bookmarking service. It doesn’t let me write and share longer thoughts. Which leads me to #3.
  3. I miss writing and sharing longer thoughts. As I’ve written about before, I’ve gained so much from writing, it wouldn’t be smart to just quit. Taking a break was relaxing for a week or two, but after that I quickly began to miss it.
  4. This means this blog and my Soulmix use should be complimentary. I will be active on both.

All of these outcomes/realizations are pretty cool.

The coolest is #1.

I tweeted about it today, and then promptly wished that you could edit tweets. Then I left it (instead of deleting it) because who cares about typos? I’ve got them all over this blog!

As far as blogging goes, the plan is to write here once or twice a week.

Catch you soon! Will be back here in just a few days 🙂